Artist Statement

As a ceramic artist, we are one of the greatest forms of documentation for civilizations centuries from now and I wish to document my strife, as well as many others’, within Trump’s presidency. America is at a crossroads for its identity and future. Without trust in its government, the press, or one another, the average American is lost or disorientated. Facts and science are even being questioned. My artwork is to help support those who feel alone as well as provide inclusive clarification or peaceful questioning toward those on the other side of America’s political divide.

I make human figures with their own quirky, fantastical differences. I sculpt the human form however I need: in size differences, vibrant colors, and sometimes I even make hybridized figures. My methods include using slabs, coils, molds, and even solid building to achieve each piece. Every figure is colorful in their own way, with bright greens, reds, or blues. I like to stick with rich colors that contrast pleasingly to the eye because I feel like it accesses our need to be imaginative. The forms themselves tend to be smooth, without much three dimensional detail. The surfacing is what interests me more, with glazes and underglazes, sometimes alternative firing processes, in order to project the mood of the figure. Sometimes I will even have the final piece be unfired. Each finished product is individualistic with its own topic, color palette, and mood.

My interest in the human form is actually an interest in my audience’s subconscious. Because of the distrust everyone is feeling, my images cannot be confrontational or repulsive. By placing a human figure without a detailed face the audience can easily project themselves into the artwork. The forms may be whimsical or odd, but they are inviting so that the audience can spend time with them. Unrealistic figures and settings provide a sense of safety because the figure would only be able to exist within your imagination. Each piece is then, in essence, a story. I draw a lot of inspiration in this respect from Greek Gods and fables. Stories slip into our subconscious in an inspiring way to me, activating memories and bringing a new sense of consciousness to people. They help in building and supporting a society’s morals. I hope for my pieces, these stories, to bring clarity for those who do not fully understand a side’s perspective and curiosity to seek out more truths in this muddy world.